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Meeting Times

Friday: 5:30pm Eastern | 4:30pm Central | 3:30pm Mountain | 2:30pm Pacific | 10:30pm GMT

Saturday: 11:30am Eastern | 10:30am Central |9:30am Mountain | 8:30am Pacific | 4:30pm GMT

On Zoom Platform – ID: 974 8817 4579 – Password: hope


The information for our Speakers can be sorted by clicking up and down arrows next to column headings (Name, Clean Date, Gender…)

NameClean DateGenderAreaInfoRec. DateVenueFormatLink
Aaron U1988, 04/05MaleCA2019, 05/29LOLMP3Click to download
Adam L1981, 02/25MaleKS2016, 10/05LOLMP3Click to download
Adam L1981, 02/25MaleKS2018, 10/26LOLMP3Click to download
Adrianne W1985, 08/18FemaleNY & FL2018, 02/28LOLMP3Click to download
Aida R1985, 08/26FemaleFL2015, 05/25LOLMP3Click to download
AJ H1977, 01/13MaleNJ2021, 02/17LOLMP3Click to download
Al B1979, 01/09MaleWI2020, 03/25LOLMP3Click to download
Al R1979, 09/25MalePA2019, 06/26LOLMP3Click to download
Alex L1973, 08/24MaleCA2020, 09/09LOLMP3Click to download
Alfred E1987, 09/13MaleVA2016, 08/17LOLMP3Click to download
Alma1987, 03/29FemalePA2016, 05/04LOLMP3Click to download
Andy S1983, 12/16MaleNV & HI2017, 04/26LOLMP3Click to download
Anea H1985, 09/07FemaleAustralia2020, 09/16LOL-IMP3Click to download
Angel B1976, 12/16MaleCA2015, 12/16LOLMP3Click to download
Angel B1976, 12/16MaleCAWith Steve A2017, 01/01LOLMP3Click to download
Anish B1989, 04/16MaleIndia & England2020, 09/11LOL-IMP3Click to download
Ann P1978, 05/19FemaleCA2020, 08/26LOLMP3Click to download
Anne E1990, 01/13FemaleMD2020, 04/22LOLMP3Click to download
Anthony C1988, 12/10MaleAZ2019, 12/25LOLMP3Click to download
Anthony E1978, 06/02MaleCA2018, 06/06LOLMP3Click to download
Nora1997, 06/22FemalePA2015, 09/30LOLMP3Click to download
Barb A1975, 04/01FemaleHI2014, 11/05LOLMP3Click to download
Henry S1973, 12/29MaleCA2018, 01/24LOLMP3Click to download
Howie1986, 11/21MaleSC2014, 11/12LOLMP3Click to download
Islah A1985, 01/01FemaleGA2017, 05/10.LOLMP3Click to download
Jack B1972, 06/05MaleCA2020, 03/04LOLMP3Click to download
Jamise O1988, 04/23FemaleVA2019, 05/08LOLMP3Click to download
Jason G1989, 02/28MaleCA2019, 04/17LOLMP3Click to download
Jay V1980, 12/30MaleFL2015, 12/30LOLMP3Click to download
Jay V1980, 12/30MaleFL2019, 05/22LOLMP3Click to download
Carlos P1990, 05/25MaleRio, Brazil2020, 11/06LOL-IMP3Click to download
Buzz S1973, 10/02MaleCA2020, 11/11LOLMP3Click to download
Jeanne G1988, 08/06FemaleMA2019, 07/03LOLMP3Click to download
Jeff C1974, 09/18MalePA2017, 11/01LOLMP3Click to download
Jeff S1982, 05/21MaleCA2018, 08/15LOLMP3Click to download
Jeff W1984, 10/13MaleNC2014, 12/17LOLMP3Click to download
Jim H1974, 06/06MalePA2018, 02/14LOLMP3Click to download
Jim Miller1979, 05/29MaleOHPassed 4/26/17, I Felt Hopeless2014, 07/16LOLMP3Click to download
Jim P1969, 03/20MaleTX2018, 07/04LOLMP3Click to download
Jim S1985, 07/20MaleGA2015, 01/07LOLMP3Click to download
Jimmy H1982, 05/04MaleIL2017, 10/11LOLMP3Click to download
Jimmy H1985, 10/05MaleNM2016, 09/28LOLMP3Click to download
Jimmy M1988, 01/13MalePA2019, 05/12LOLMP3Click to download
Jimmy S1984, 11/02MaleNV2017, 03/22LOLMP3Click to download
J-Mu James M1988, 12/13MalePA2019, 02/20LOLMP3Click to download
Joann D1984, 02/09FemaleCO2016, 07/13LOLMP3Click to download
JoAnne W1986, 09/04FemaleCA2016, 09/21LOLMP3Click to download
Joe G1984, 03/04MaleFL2019, 02/27LOLMP3Click to download
Joe L1978, 12/07MaleAustralia2020, 07/17LOL-IMP3Click to download
Joey G1985, 10/08FemaleCO2016, 12/21LOLMP3Click to download
Mike M1977, 10/03MaleAL2019, 05/01LOLMP3Click to download
John A1988, 04/25MaleNV2020, 09/23LOLMP3Click to download
John T Farrell1975, 02/13MaleNYPassed 9/25/172015, 03/04LOLMP3Click to download
John R1988, 11/15MaleAL2019, 09/25LOLMP3Click to download
John R1985, 11/14MaleTX2018, 03/21LOLMP3Click to download
John S1984, 04/22MaleNY2020, 04/08LOLMP3Click to download
John S1975, 02/13MaleVA2015, 04/15LOLMP3Click to download
Johnnie1991, 11/11FemaleAL2014, 10/29LOLMP3Click to download
Johnny W1986, 11/07MaleCA2018, 05/16LOLMP3Click to download
Jon A1988, 03/20MaleNY2020, 09/30LOLMP3Click to download
Joseph B1988, 07/26MaleCO & AL2019, 07/24LOLMP3Click to download
Julia O1984, 04/29FemaleMA2019, 09/04LOLMP3Click to download
Karin B1976, 08/25FemaleCA2016, 05/25LOLMP3Click to download
Karin B1976, 08/25FemaleCA2018, 01/17LOLMP3Click to download
Kathleen M1981, 06/01FemaleOH2015, 02/18LOLMP3Click to download
Kathy C1986, 11/12FemaleME2017, 03/01LOLPDFClick to download
Kathy G1982, 05/24FemaleAL2018, 12/12LOLMP3Click to download
Kelly U1982, 03/18FemaleOH2013, 11/27LOLMP3Click to download
Kelly U1982, 03/18FemaleOH2019, 01/23LOLMP3Click to download
Ken F1985, 10/18MaleAR2017, 08/23LOLMP3Click to download
Kermit O1981, 09/06MaleVA2014, 02/05LOLMP3Click to download
Kermit O1981, 09/06MaleVA2020, 10/28LOLMP3Click to download
Kevin H1984, 11/30MaleUnited Kingdom2020, 10/02LOL-IMP3Click to download
Kristin A1983, 01/21FemaleCA2016, 01/20LOLMP3Click to download
Kurt Z1986, 09/28MaleCO2017, 02/22LOLMP3Click to download
Larry G1984, 07/27MaleSC2016, 07/06LOLMP3Click to download
Laura C1971, 12/21FemaleTN2014, 05/21LOLMP3Click to download
Laura C1971, 12/21FemaleTN2014, 12/24LOLMP3Click to download
Lehr C1988, 09/11MaleGA2018, 09/12LOLMP3Click to download
Leslie B1987, 12/04FemaleFL2017, 12/06LOLMP3Click to download
James D1967, 09/22MaleVancouver, Canada2021, 02/12LOL-IMP3Click to download
Lester O1986, 07/02MaleFL2014, 02/26LOLMP3Click to download
Lester O1986, 07/02MaleFL2015, 08/19LOLMP3Click to download
Lin A1988, 11/25FemaleNY2014, 01/22LOLMP3Click to download
Lin A1988, 11/25FemaleNY2015, 05/13LOLMP3Click to download
Linda C1985, 01/03FemaleVA2015, 02/11LOLMP3Click to download
Louis H1987, 04/30MaleIL2018, 05/09LOLMP3Click to download
Lucia C1987, 01/07FemaleBrazil & EnglandA Brazilian Full of It2020, 08/14LOL-IMP3Click to download
Lynne B1987, 06/10FemalePA2017, 06/21LOLMP3Click to download
Jerry P1979, 09/25MaleFL2016, 03/30LOLMP3Click to download
Jessi C1987, 10/17FemaleTX2017, 11/08LOLMP3Click to download
Jezebel M1987, 12/31FemaleNY2018, 07/25LOLMP3Click to download
Jim B1990, 09/02MaleTN2014, 10/15LOLMP3Click to download
Jim C1986, 05/14MaleTN2014, 12/10LOLMP3Click to download
Jeff S1982, 05/21MaleCA2020, 05/27LOLMP3Click to download
Barbara R1986, 03/29FemaleTX2018, 04/25LOLMP3Click to download
Bea E1978, 08/14FemaleCA2019, 04/25LOLMP3Click to download
Bean1984, 06/10MaleMA2014, 11/19LOLMP3Click to download
Benny L1984, 02/29MaleIL2015, 06/24LOLMP3Click to download
Bert Y1987, 09/15MaleFL2019, 08/04LOLMP3Click to download
Big Joe1982, 12/20MaleUT2017, 04/05LOLMP3Click to download
Bill A1979, 11/16MalePA2014, 03/12LOLMP3Click to download
Bill A1979, 11/16MalePA2014, 03/19LOLMP3Click to download
Bill P1987, 07/12MaleMD2015, 06/10LOLMP3Click to download
Bill W1979, 09/17MaleAK2020, 07/01LOLMP3Click to download
Bill Work the Steps1978, 04/26MaleFL2014, 01/15LOLMP3Click to download
Bill Z1979, 08/26MaleMD2015, 08/26LOLMP3Click to download
Bo S1974, 07/10MaleGA2014, 06/30LOLMP3Click to download
Bo S1974, 07/10MaleGA2017, 05/17LOLMP3Click to download
Bob B1976, 01/10MaleOH2014, 04/30LOLMP3Click to download
Bob D1983, 11/04MaleCO2016, 06/29LOLMP3Click to download
Bob P1975, 07/12MalePAA Gift Called Life2017, 05/24LOLMP3Click to download
Bob S1976, 12/27MaleAZ2018, 12/05LOLMP3Click to download
Bonnie F1980, 07/11FemaleNC2013, 12/11LOLMP3Click to download
Bonnie F1980, 07/11FemaleNC2015, 07/22LOLMP3Click to download
Boyd P1987, 04/15MaleSC2020, 05/20LOLMP3Click to download
Brenda H1988, 04/23FemaleIL2020, 04/29LOLMP3Click to download
Brenda S1985, 01/13FemaleCO2016, 08/24LOLMP3Click to download
Brenda W1988, 11/03FemaleIL2019, 12/04LOLMP3Click to download
Brent C1980, 01/20MaleNC & SC2019, 03/27LOLMP3Click to download
Brian C1980, 01/20MaleKY2016, 05/18LOLMP3Click to download
Brian H1987, 02/01MaleVA2015, 02/04LOLMP3Click to download
Brian H1987, 02/01MaleVA2018, 01/03LOLMP3Click to download
Bruce G1981, 06/19MaleFL2020, 09/04LOLMP3Click to download
Butch C1982, 07/14MaleTX2020, 07/22LOLMP3Click to download
Carl K1978, 03/18MaleCO2016, 09/07LOLMP3Click to download
Caroline B1984, 06/29FemaleCO & HI2016, 11/23LOLMP3Click to download
Cary A1980, 04/07MaleIN2018, 08/01LOLMP3Click to download
Cathy B1975, 07/15FemaleFL2017, 11/22LOLMP3Click to download
Cecil S1986, 11/01MaleGA2016, 11/02LOLMP3Click to download
Chad M1979, 07/14MaleCO2016, 10/19LOLMP3Click to download
Charles K1978, 10/05MaleFLIndian Without A Tribe2019, 01/16LOLMP3Click to download
Charles S1981, 12/07MaleCO2017, 07/12LOLMP3Click to download
Charmaine D1983, 10/25FemaleNC2015, 11/11LOLMP3Click to download
Cheryl D1989, 11/01FemaleNJ2020, 08/19LOLMP3Click to download
Chet Y1979, 12/08MaleID & SD2019, 03/06LOLMP3Click to download
Christopher K1983, 12/28MaleDC2016, 01/13LOLMP3Click to download
Chuck B1982, 10/30MaleTX2014, 07/30LOLMP3Click to download
Chuck G1977, 10/19MaleCA2017, 10/25LOLMP3Click to download
Chuck G1970, 03/11MaleCA2015, 09/01LOLMP3Click to download
Chuck G1970, 03/11MaleCA2019, 06/19LOLMP3Click to download
Chuck S1981, 06/06MalePA2017, 12/27LOLMP3Click to download
Cleto M1984, 06/23MaleTX2018, 09/19LOLMP3Click to download
Cliff I1981, 03/12MaleWV2019, 11/06LOLMP3Click to download
Connie Y1983, 04/19FemaleOH2014, 04/02LOLMP3Click to download
Constança T1986, 05/01FemaleBrazil2020, 07/10LOL-IMP3Click to download
Constança T1986, 05/01FemaleBrazil2020, 01/20LOLMP3Click to download
Craig L1984, 08/18MalePA2014, 08/13LOLMP3Click to download
Damon S1985, 04/10MaleAL2018, 11/14LOLMP3Click to download
Danai P1984, 09/04FemaleGreece, Portugal, UK2020, 07/24LOL-IMP3Click to download
Danette B1977, 12/08FemaleCA2020, 08/12LOLMP3Click to download
Danny M1986, 01/27MalePA2018, 02/07LOLMP3Click to download
Danny S1974, 08/09MaleCA2019, 04/03LOLMP3Click to download
Dave D1984, 04/24MalePA2017, 06/28LOLMP3Click to download
Dave H1986, 11/21MaleID2015, 02/25LOLMP3Click to download
Dave N1986, 09/29MaleFL2019, 10/16LOLMP3Click to download
Dave W1984, 07/18MaleGA2017, 08/09LOLMP3Click to download
David F1974, 01/19MalePA2014, 03/05LOLMP3Click to download
David F1974, 01/19MalePA2014, 04/09LOLMP3Click to download
David M1977, 04/19MaleOH & CA2020, 07/29LOLMP3Click to download
David T1986, 05/26MaleFL2018, 08/22LOLMP3Click to download
David W1984, 07/17FemaleGA2019, 07/31LOLMP3Click to download
Dawn O1982, 05/20FemaleVT & FL2019, 09/11LOLMP3Click to download
De C1984, 12/04FemaleCA2017, 03/15LOLMP3Click to download
Dena M1981, 03/21FemaleCO2016, 06/15LOLMP3Click to download
Denise R1985, 02/25MalePA2020, 07/15LOLMP3Click to download
Dennis H1978, 06/28MalePA2015, 03/11LOLMP3Click to download
Dennis H1978, 06/28MalePA2018, 01/10LOLMP3Click to download
Denny S1976, 05/29MalePA2017, 12/13LOLMP3Click to download
Derek D1979, 06/06MaleAustralia2020, 07/31LOL-IMP3Click to download
Despie B1983, 01/31FemaleCA2015, 10/07LOLMP3Click to download
Dickie D1987, 12/19MaleLA2018, 10/17LOLMP3Click to download
Dion S1986, 01/15MaleNY2015, 08/05LOLMP3Click to download
DJ C1982, 06/01FemaleCA2016, 04/13LOLMP3Click to download
Doc Holiday1983, 12/17MaleNC2015, 01/21LOLMP3Click to download
Don U1982, 01/17MaleAL2019, 10/20LOLMP3Click to download
Doug W1983, 08/03MaleNM & TX2020, 10/14LOLMP3Click to download
Duke E1977, 03/18MaleCA2016, 04/06LOLMP3Click to download
Duke E1977, 03/18MaleCA2018, 03/14LOLMP3Click to download
Ed C1984, 07/20MaleVA2020, 06/17LOLMP3Click to download
Ed C1984, 07/20MaleVA2015, 09/09LOLMP3Click to download
Eddie G1985, 08/08MaleCA2016, 04/20LOLMP3Click to download
Eddie W1978, 11/09MaleCA2016, 11/16LOLMP3Click to download
Enid O1990, 01/11FemaleVA2020, 01/15LOLMP3Click to download
Epharin Eli P1987, 08/22MaleNJ2018, 12/26LOLMP3Click to download
Eric B1986, 01/01MaleTX2019, 03/20LOLMP3Click to download
Ewa J1990, 03/13FemaleSweden2020, 08/28LOL-IMP3Click to download
Fawn B1978, 07/21FemaleAZ2018, 10/31LOLMP3Click to download
Floyd A1990, 04/14MaleVA2015, 10/38LOLMP3Click to download
Floyd A1990, 04/14MaleVA2020, 06/10LOLMP3Click to download
Frank G1975, 07/06MaleCA2020, 03/11LOLMP3Click to download
Frank H1980, 08/28MaleND2020, 01/08LOLMP3Click to download
G Mohammad1987, 03/27MaleIL2018, 07/18LOLMP3Click to download
Gary E1987, 03/03MaleSC2017, 11/29LOLMP3Click to download
Gary V1979, 07/10MaleOK & CA2014, 07/23LOLMP3Click to download
Gary V1979, 07/10MaleOK & CA2017, 07/19LOLMP3Click to download
Gene Haag1962, 03/31MaleORPassed 7/10/15, The Vicious Cycle2014, 01/29LOLMP3Click to download
Gene L1984, 08/13MaleIN2018, 08/29LOLMP3Click to download
George L1989, 02/02MaleIL2019, 06/05LOLMP3Click to download
George M1979, 09/02MaleMI2019, 10/30LOLMP3Click to download
Gino William Haugh1974, 10/23MaleTXPassed 8/13/162015, 11/04LOLMP3Click to download
Glendora B1986, 11/15FemalePA2020, 02/05LOLMP3Click to download
Gradie P1986, 03/03MaleIL2018, 06/27LOLMP3Click to download
Grover N1986, 01/07MaleOK2014, 05/07LOLMP3Click to download
Grover N1986, 01/07MaleOK2017, 06/14LOLMP3Click to download
Guy B1985, 12/02MaleMI2020, 05/13LOLMP3Click to download
Hank W1976, 11/27MaleCA2020, 08/05LOLMP3Click to download
Harper N1981, 06/31MaleID2014, 04/16LOLMP3Click to download
Ed Mentor1964, 06/17MaleCAPassed 12/162013, 12/18LOLMP3Click to download
Bob Gray1977, 08/13MaleFLPassed 10/15/152014, 06/18LOLMP3Click to download
Bob B1976, 01/10MaleOH2019, 12/11LOLMP3Click to download
Harry Watson1972, 06/07MaleORPassed 12/27/172015, 10/21LOLMP3Click to download
Maggie B1983, 07/08FemalePA2018, 10/03LOLMP3Click to download
Marc B1979, 02/18MaleCA2016, 03/23LOLMP3Click to download
Marc Coppinger1984, 10/20MalePAPassed 12/21/142014, 06/11LOLMP3Click to download
Mario T1979, 03/12MaleAustralia2020, 08/21LOL-IMP3Click to download
Mark B1984, 07/27MaleGA2018, 11/07LOLMP3Click to download
Mark E1982, 10/02MaleIL2018, 11/28LOLMP3Click to download
Mark H1986, 07/23MaleIL2016, 11/09LOLMP3Click to download
Mark T1978, 01/01MaleHI2017, 07/26LOLMP3Click to download
Marko F1985, 08/09MaleMN2020, 01/22LOLMP3Click to download
Marsha M1988, 06/29FemaleCA2020, 09/02LOLMP3Click to download
Marvin T1986, 09/23MaleVA2015, 04/29LOLMP3Click to download
Marvin T1986, 09/23MaleVA2017, 05/03LOLMP3Click to download
Mary Anne G1987, 06/21FemaleMA2019, 11/13LOLMP3Click to download
Mary B1980, 11/10FemaleTX2014, 08/20LOLMP3Click to download
Mary B1980, 11/10FemaleTX2020, 02/12LOLMP3Click to download
Mary F1985, 08/21FemaleOH2018, 03/17LOLMP3Click to download
Mary H1981, 11/25FemalePA2015, 01/14LOLMP3Click to download
Mary J1982, 12/28FemaleCO2016, 08/31LOLMP3Click to download
Mary R1973, 03/17FemaleNM2019, 02/13LOLMP3Click to download
Mel H1968, 10/07MaleCA2015, 07/08LOLMP3Click to download
Mel H1968, 10/07MaleCA2020, 10/09LOLMP3Click to download
Michael L1985, 01/17MaleCA2016, 11/30LOLMP3Click to download
Michael W1985, 08/18MaleNY & FL2018, 06/13LOLMP3Click to download
Mickey R1984, 09/14MaleNJ2014, 09/13LOLMP3Click to download
Mike A1990, 01/15MaleID2020, 02/26LOLMP3Click to download
Mike P1984, 07/25MaleSC2015, 07/29LOLMP3Click to download
Mike R1987, 02/17MaleMD2019, 07/10LOLMP3Click to download
Mitch G1985, 02/10MaleMD2014, 10/01LOLMP3Click to download
Mitch G1985, 02/10MaleMD2015, 05/06LOLMP3Click to download
Mitch G1985, 02/10MaleMD2020, 07/08LOLMP3Click to download
Motorcycle Ed C1977, 05/02MaleAL2018, 05/23LOLMP3Click to download
Neil B1971, 10/10MaleSC2014, 01/08LOLMP3Click to download
Neil B1971, 10/10MaleSC2017, 04/12LOLMP3Click to download
Newt L1985, 05/20MaleCO2017, 02/15LOLMP3Click to download
Norman M1989, 12/07MaleChina & US2020, 09/25LOL-IMP3Click to download
Norman S1963, 12/13MaleCA2014, 05/28LOLMP3Click to download
Pamela H1985, 08/27FemaleID2015, 04/08LOLMP3Click to download
Pat P1985, 06/15MaleWA2014, 09/10LOLMP3Click to download
Patrick F1985, 07/31MaleCA2016, 04/27LOLMP3Click to download
Patty C1987, 08/05FemaleIL2020, 04/15LOLMP3Click to download
Patti G1980, 10/14FemaleNY & FL2020, 10/30LOLMP3Click to download
Paul E1980, 02/12MaleFL2016, 03/02LOLMP3Click to download
Paul N1986, 11/29MaleAL2019, 04/10LOLMP3Click to download
Penelope C1989, 04/01FemaleUnited Kingdom2020, 09/18LOL-IMP3Click to download
Penny C1988, 04/12FemaleThailand & UK2019, 10/27LOLMP3Click to download
Pete B1980, 03/17MaleVA2019, 12/18LOLMP3Click to download
Pete B1980, 03/17MaleVA2020, 04/01LOLMP3Click to download
Pete C1981, 06/21MaleNC2014, 11/26LOLMP3Click to download
Peter F (Gypsy Pete)1985, 12/28MaleUK2020, 08/07LOL-IMP3Click to download
Phil D1979, 12/24MalePA & FL2016, 03/16LOLMP3Click to download
Phil D1979, 12/24MalePA & FL2017, 08/30LOLMP3Click to download
Phil P1972, 12/21MaleCA2019, 10/02LOLMP3Click to download
Phoenix1985, 06/26FemaleNY2016, 12/07LOLMP3Click to download
Ralph P1986, 09/26MaleIL2018, 01/31LOLMP3Click to download
Rand1986, 05/21MaleNM2016, 06/08LOLMP3Click to download
Papa Ray P1972, 06/26MaleCA2016, 02/17LOLMP3Click to download
Ray U1982, 11/30MaleIL2016, 08/10LOLMP3Click to download
Raymond L1980, 08/18MaleDC2018, 11/21LOLMP3Click to download
Red1984, 10/12MaleAZ2014, 08/27LOLMP3Click to download
Reg L1984, 10/12MaleCO2016, 06/22LOLMP3Click to download
Ricardo M1986, 02/25MaleCA2016, 01/06LOLMP3Click to download
Richard L1980, 06/14MaleNV2018, 05/02LOLMP3Click to download
Richard M1977, 09/03MaleNM2016, 07/20LOLMP3Click to download
Richard M1977, 09/03MaleNM2017, 10/18LOLMP3Click to download
Rick Goodine1984, 06/14MaleNew Brunswick, CanadaPassed 11/29/152015, 01/28LOLMP3Click to download
Rick J1976, 01/08MaleOR2015, 10/14LOLMP3Click to download
Rico R1977, 02/11MaleDCPassed 11/20192018, 10/24LOLMP3Click to download
Roadkill Jim1970, 05/10MaleSC2014, 02/12LOLMP3Click to download
Robert H1985, 09/02MaleIL2015, 12/09LOLMP3Click to download
Robert the Badger1985, 02/13MaleUnited Kingdom2020, 10/16LOL-IMP3Click to download
Robin L1983, 08/04FemaleMN2020, 06/03LOLMP3Click to download
Ron H1979, 06/07MaleNM2016, 10/12LOLMP3Click to download
Ron L1989, 02/27MalePA2019, 06/12LOLMP3Click to download
Ron S1985, 06/22MaleAL2019, 08/21LOLMP3Click to download
Ross E1982, 10/06MaleMI2013, 12/04LOLMP3Click to download
Roy O1984, 05/31MalePA2015, 07/01LOLMP3Click to download
Roy O1984, 05/31MalePA2015, 12/02LOLMP3Click to download
Rusty B1983, 11/02MaleAL2018, 05/30LOLMP3Click to download
Ryan R1986, 09/29MaleAL2018, 04/11LOLMP3Click to download
Scott A1974, 02/14MaleGA2018, 07/11LOLMP3Click to download
Sean G1989, 09/01MaleRI2019, 09/18LOLMP3Click to download
Shang R1988, 02/28MaleIL2019, 01/09LOLMP3Click to download
Shawn C1989, 07/04MalePA2014, 02/19LOLMP3Click to download
Shawn M1984, 07/15MaleCO2017, 01/04LOLMP3Click to download
Sherry V1986, 09/06FemaleWV2016, 09/14LOLMP3Click to download
Snoopy1974, 07/10FemaleCA2020, 03/18LOLMP3Click to download
Sonnia J1991, 11/23FemaleMD2018, 04/18LOLMP3Click to download
Spider D1976, 03/18MaleFL2015, 12/23LOLMP3Click to download
Stan S1984, 02/01MaleGA2017, 09/20LOLMP3Click to download
Stan W1984, 02/01MaleNY2020, 06/24LOLMP3Click to download
Stanley R1986, 06/11MaleIL2020, 01/29LOLMP3Click to download
Stephanie P1984, 05/03FemaleCO2018, 04/04LOLMP3Click to download
Steve A1983, 06/22MaleCA2016, 01/27LOLMP3Click to download
Steve Bice1976, 05/11MaleCAPassed 8/192016, 05/11LOLMP3Click to download
Steve B1986, 07/04MaleCO2019, 03/13LOLMP3Click to download
Steve C1987, 09/04MaleIL2018, 09/05LOLMP3Click to download
Steve D1982, 08/17MalePA2017, 09/06LOLMP3Click to download
Steve R1986, 08/03MaleCA2017, 02/01LOLMP3Click to download
Stuart S1983, 09/06MaleNV2015, 11/18LOLMP3Click to download
Susan D1983, 05/22FemaleME2017, 09/27LOLPDFClick to download
Susan F1984, 07/04FemaleGA2016, 10/26LOLMP3Click to download
Susie L1981, 05/23FemaleOH2018, 03/28LOLMP3Click to download
Tali M1986, 12/26FemaleHI2019, 01/30LOLMP3Click to download
Tammy L1987, 02/19FemaleFL2020, 02/19LOLMP3Click to download
Terrance H1989, 02/28MaleAL2019, 08/28LOLMP3Click to download
Terry R1979, 06/01MaleNY2016, 02/24LOLMP3Click to download
Tim G1987, 04/04MalePA2017, 12/20LOLMP3Click to download
Tim S1986, 02/20MaleFL2014, 12/03LOLMP3Click to download
Tom L1983, 11/14MalePA2017, 11/15LOLMP3Click to download
Tom M1968, 12/17MaleHI2017, 04/19LOLMP3Click to download
Tony G1978, 06/20MaleCA2018, 02/21LOLMP3Click to download
Trevor W1987, 12/28MaleNY2020, 10/07LOLMP3Click to download
Troy S1987, 02/03MaleSC2014, 10/02LOLMP3Click to download
Tuffy H1981, 11/05MaleGA & FL2016, 06/01LOLMP3Click to download
Vangie 1976, 09/18FemaleNM2016, 12/28LOLMP3Click to download
Victoria L1986, 06/28FemaleMT2019, 01/02LOLMP3Click to download
Wanda R1986, 03/25FemaleGA2019, 02/06LOLMP3Click to download
Wayne C1987, 09/28MaleDC2015, 03/18LOLMP3Click to download
Wild Bill Kingston1969, 12/10MaleAK & FLPassed 4/30/142014, 03/26LOLMP3Click to download
Willie S1988, 11/15MaleGA2019, 05/15LOLMP3Click to download
Steve R1985, 03/01MaleTN2015, 03/25LOLMP3Click to download
Lisa B1988, 10/30FemaleJackson, MI2020, 11/04LOLMP3Click to download
Lori W1978, 06/03FemaleCA2020, 11/18LOLMP3Click to download
Diana M1982, 04/23FemaleAZ & CA2020, 11/20LOLMP3Click to download
Lin A1988, 11/25FemaleRochester, NYwSydney Rehmar Recording2020, 11/25LOLMP3Click to download
Michael B1988, 06/19MaleScotland & CA2020, 10/23LOL-IMP3Click to download
Norm S1963, 12/13MaleCA2020, 11/27LOLMP3Click to download
Dan H1988, 05/27MaleMI2020, 12/02LOLMP3Click to download
Tolis M1984, 06/28MaleUK2020, 12/04LOL-IMP3Click to download
Pam R1985, 05/15FemaleUT2020, 12/09LOLMP3Click to download
Dale C1985, 11/18FemaleAustralia2020, 12/11LOL-IMP3Click to download
George R1977, 02/27MalePAw Pete B & Al R2020, 12/15LOLMP3Click to download
Simon J1985, 12/19MaleUnited Kingdom2020, 12/18LOL-IMP3Click to download
Russell G1983, 02/28MaleAustralia2020, 12/21LOL-IMP3Click to download
Dan S1981, 08/21MaleCO2020, 12/23LOLMP3Click to download
Steve L1983, 01/29MaleCA2020, 12/30LOLMP3Click to download
Chrissie P1985, 11/24FemaleUK & Spain2021, 01/08LOL-IMP3Click to download
Chris B1990, 05/21MaleNC2021, 01/13LOLMP3Click to download
Jay V1980, 12/30MaleFL2021, 01/01LOL-IMP3Click to download
Sophie M1985, 03/22FemaleUK2021, 01/15LOL-IMP3Click to download
Paula B1984, 01/15FemaleCA2021, 01/20LOLMP3Click to download
Stanley Cz1987, 02/01MalePoland2021, 01/22LOL-IMP3Click to download
Dennis T1985, 01/17MaleLA2021, 01/27LOLMP3Click to download
James S1984, 08/24MaleUK2021, 01/29LOL-IMP3Click to download
Ze Maria1984, 12/01MalePortugal2021, 01/30LOL-IMP3Click to download
Antoinette, B1982, 01/25FemaleVAWrote Back to the Basic2021, 02/03LOLMP3Click to download
Antoinette, B1982, 01/25FemaleVAWrote Back to the Basic2018, 06/20LOLMP3Click to download
Mari Mac1978, 10/09FemaleIreland2021, 02/05LOL-IMP3Click to download
Frank V1974, 08/15MaleCA & Mexico2021, 02/10LOLMP3Click to download
Paulo Augusto T1985, 12/31MaleUK, Portugal, Brazil2021, 02/19LOL-IMP3Click to download
Steve R1987, 03/25MalePA2021, 02/24LOLMP3Click to download
Ana F1991, 02/22FemalePortugal2021, 02/26LOL-IMP3Click to download
Dennis J1987, 06/02MaleSouth Africa2021, 02/12LOL-IMP3Click to download
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Anthony E1978, 06/02MaleCA2018, 06/06LOLMP3Click to download
Henry R1990, 02/13MaleIsrael2021, 03/05LOL-IMP3Click to download
Spider D1976, 03/18MaleFL2021, 03/19LOLMP3Click to download
Vince M1977, 06/25MaleCA2021, 03/24LOLMP3Click to download
Bill R1989, 03/25MaleAustralia2021, 03/26LOL-IMP3Click to download
Joyce R1971, 08/08Female2021, 03/31LOLMP3Click to download
Monica A1989, 11/09FemaleNorway2021, 04/02LOL-IMP3Click to download
Cheryl B1989, 09/07FemaleCA2021, 04/07LOLMP3Click to download
Jim E1985, 12/21MaleAR2021, 04/02LOLMP3Click to download
Pam W1981, 12/26FemaleSydney, Australia2021, 04/09LOL-IMP3Click to download
David R1982, 06/21MaleCA2021, 04/21LOLMP3Click to download
John L1979, 04/10MaleSan Diego, CA2021, 04/28LOLMP3Click to download
Karen McG1981, 08/16FemaleSydney, Australia2021, 04/30LOL-IMP3Click to download
Rick FMaleFL2021, 05/05LOLMP3Click to download
Sandra T1987, 12/06FemaleAustralia2021, 05/07LOL-IMP3Click to download
Bonnie F1980, 07/11FemaleNC2021, 05/12LOLMP3Click to download
Isabelle L1984, 05/06FemaleUK2021, 05/14LOL-IMP3Click to download
Gary T1979, 03/17MaleOH2021, 05/15LOLMP3Click to download
Michelle S1979, 02/16FemaleAustralia & CA, US2021, 05/21LOL-IMP3Click to download
Frankie da Hat1984, 04/01MaleVA2021, 06/02LOLMP3Click to download
Al P1982, 03/21MalePA2021, 05/26LOLMP3Click to download
Jimi T1988, 07/15MaleBaltimore, MD2021, 05/28LOL-IMP3Click to download
Terry R1979, 06/01MaleNY & UT2021, 06/09LOLMP3Click to download
Motorcycle Ed C1977, 05/02MaleAL2021, 06/12LOLMP3Click to download
Chris T1982, 05/14MaleVA2021, 06/16LOLMP3Click to download
Chris W1985, 12/12FemaleAustralia2021, 06/11LOL-IMP3Click to download
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Mel H1968, 10/07MaleCA2021, 06/19LOLMP3Click to download
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Theresa H1978, 08/15FemaleAZ2021, 06/26LOLMP3Click to download
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Hugh McG1985, 04/01MaleCA2021, 07/03LOLMP3Click to download
Harry L1985, 02/01MaleUnited Kingdom2021, 07/09LOL-IMP3Click to download
Dennis D1983, 03/13MaleMD2021, 07/10LOLMP3Click to download
Janis D1987, 06/01FemaleAustralia2021, 07/16LOL-IMP3Click to download
Keith D1987, 11/15FL2021, 07/17LOLMP3Click to download
Bill A1979, 11/16MalePA2021, 07/23LOLMP3Click to download
Dennis J1987, 06/02MaleSouth Africa2021, 07/22LOL-IMP3Click to download
Diane T1983, 09/10FemaleAustralia2021, 07/30LOL-IMP3Click to download
Julie B1985, 12/09FemalePuerto Rico & FL2021, 07/31LOL-IMP3Click to download
Garth P1979, 08/05MaleAustralia2021, 08/06LOL-IMP3Click to download
Biff K1980, 09/26MaleFL2021, 08/07LOLMP3Click to download
Henry D1982, 02/02MalePA & AZ2021, 08/27LOLMP3Click to download
Merv B1982, 06/08MaleBritish Columbia, Canada2021, 08/13LOL-IMP3Click to download
Maud B1979, 07/14FemaleNC2021, 08/14LOLMP3Click to download
John A1988, 07/17MaleCA2021, 08/20LOLMP3Click to download
Bob G1981, 06/10MaleCA & NM2021, 08/21LOLMP3Click to download
Des W1975, 08/23MaleAustralia2021, 09/03LOL-IMP3Click to download